Three Rings: bringing volunteers together

Meet the newest member of the Three Rings team!

Back in 2010, we announced that two of our volunteers, Ruth and JTA, had married. As a follow-up to that, we’re very happy to announce the birth of their first child, Annabel, the first “development baby” of the Three Rings project!

What with everything, it’s been a bit of a scramble to get Milestone Neodymium into Beta this time around, but luckily Annabel’s already joined the test team:

A photo of JTA holding Annabel while testing Milestone Neodymium
Although she’s finding testing can be hard work!

Mother and baby are both doing well.


  • Congratulations Ruth & John on your new arrival to the team (beautiful baby & name).
    Just as well you guys are used to working late into the night; the experience will be useful and called upon regularly for the next few months!

    Very best wishes for the future,
    P.S. I see you have already organised her feeding rota  – )

  • Congratulations! What a gorgeous addition to the team. Definitely a candidate for the ‘Best Tester’ award!

    • Thanks Katherine! She is gorgeous, but I feel biased when I say so myself! But I’m not completely sure she’d pick a “Best Tester” feature that would help many other users (unless there’s particular demand for Three Rings to include a “gentle bouncing to sleep” module…)

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