Christmas Card Gallery

There’s multiple reasons why Three Rings is the leading volunteer management system of its type, but one of them is the simple fact it’s online. You never have to install anything, every user instantly gets access to the most up-to-date version after a new Milestone is launched, and it’s usable from almost any device with an Internet connection (five years before iPhone kickstarted smartphone revolution, you could log into Three Rings from any WAP-enabled handset!).

But – wonderful though it is to access Three Rings from anywhere you need to – that convenience also makes Three Rings itself a bit… intangible.

To help remind our users of the friendly people behind Three Rings, we’ve been sending out Christmas Cards to every organisation using the system since 2009. Since our 10th birthday celebrations in 2012, we’ve also adopted a practice of giving each organisation using Three Rings a a limited edition mug once every three years (we know from personal experience how badly a volunteer can need a mug of hot tea from time to time!)

For those of you that discovered Three Rings too late to see them the first time round (or just want to look back over our collection!) here’s a picture of each card we’ve sent, and a little more about each of them.

If you want to see a card in more detail, click on its image in the gallery to pop out a bigger version.