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Getting Started, and General Help:


[docs_box url=”/help/help/getting-started-and-getting-help/” title=”Getting Started & Getting Help” text=”If you’re thinking about using Three Rings, or just started, you can find information to jump-start your account here” /]

[docs_box url=”/help/help/latest-release/” title=”New Features” text=”Learn about new features included in Milestone: Blackwater, released in May 2018.”]

[docs_box url=”” title=”Compatibility Checker” text=”If you can’t load¬†Three Rings, our Support volunteers might ask you to run this”]

[docs_box url=”/help/help/policies/” title=”Policies” text=”View the Three Rings terms and conditions, our Data Protection Statement, or our Policy of Mutual Respect”]


Help with Three Rings, by section:


[docs_box url=”/docs/overview” title=”Overview”]

[docs_box url=”/docs/rota” title=”Rota”]

[docs_box url=”/docs/directory” title=”Directory”]

[docs_box url=”/docs/comms” title=”Comms”]



[docs_box url=”/docs/filestore” title=”Filestore”]

[docs_box url=”/docs/wiki” title=”Wiki”]

[docs_box url=”/docs/stats” title=”Stats”]

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