Three Rings: bringing volunteers together

Our Volunteers

Three Rings is made by a not-for-profit company staffed and run by volunteers. We’ve all previously volunteered with organisations that are now benefiting from Three Rings ourselves, and we’re continuing to give our time to help those and other organisations benefit from the system we’ve built.

Take a look at the vacancies we’ve got for new volunteers below, or scroll down to meet some of the existing team!

Joining the team

Like any voluntary organisation, we’re always glad to have new members of the team! If you want to help make Three Rings even better, why not get in touch?

Right now we’re particularly looking for people to fill the following roles:

Development Team

If you can write code, come write Three Rings itself! It’s particularly helpful if you’ve got experience working in a web framework like Ruby On Rails, but we’ll make sure you get plenty of training either way!

Developers usually gather on our IRC channel once or twice a week to write some code, and meet up for our annual “Dev Camp” once a year for a more intensive hackathon.

If you’d like to know more, email and ask to speak to Dan.

Support Team

Three Rings is designed to be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean people don’t need help sometimes! As a volunteer on our Support team you’d be helping meet our commitment to reply to any support query within a maximum of 24 hours.

Everyone on the Support team gets a day of the week where it’s their duty to monitor and handle the emails coming in – but you’ll also be assigned a Mentor who’d give you advice and support until you felt comfortable to start sending replies on your own. We try to make sure Support emails show off the friendly, informal nature of Three Rings, so if you can explain how the system works to your fellow volunteers, you’ve got the skills we need!

To apply to join the Support team, email and ask for John.

Documentation Team

The Docs Team write the Help Pages – a user’s first port of call if they find themselves stuck, or aren’t sure how to achieve what they want.

It helps if you’ve been a Three Rings Admin and know about some of the more powerful features in advance, but the main thing we’re looking for is the ability to write clearly, in the active voice, to make sure there’s an up-to-date guide to Three Rings. Volunteers on the Help Team will start out working to get the Help pages up to scratch, and after that will be keeping them up to date ahead of each of the four milestone releases each year.

To help out as one of the Documentation Team, email and ask to chat with JTA.

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team are the guys who reach out to new organisations. When a new organisation is interested in Three Rings (or when they already know how great it is from a volunteer who’s used it before!), it’s the Welcome Team who answer any questions they might have, set up remote demonstrations to show what the system can do and how it works, and make sure that organisation gets it’s free trial. They’ll answer any questions along the way, and can even try to put new organisations in touch with similar charities that are already using Three Rings, to help them share best practice.

If you’d like to be part of Welcome, email and ask for Beverley.


Why volunteer with Three Rings?

All of our volunteers here are drawn from the organisations we support – so we know how important it is to do what we do.

Volunteering with Three Rings is flexible – you just need an Internet connection, so you can work with us around whatever other commitments you have going on.

It’s also incredibly rewarding: we’re helping other people volunteer for amazing causes not only in the UK, but also around the world.

If you or your organisation has benefited from using Three Rings in the past, joining our team is a great way to both give something back, and make Three Rings even better! There’s no pressure or commitment, so if you’re curious but not sure, contact us anyway, and we’ll answer any questions you might have!


Meet our team

The ‘core’ team of Three Rings volunteers includes people who volunteer on our Board (often whilst doing other jobs for us as well!), and our Support and Development volunteers. They keep the company going, keep the system improving and make sure that all our users get the best use from Three Rings that they can.

We’re scattered throughout the UK (and abroad!), but we try to get together now and then, even if it’s just for our Christmas Party, or social and development events like our Support Team Awayday, or Dev Camp.

Here’s a little introduction to some of the people that make Three Rings happen:

Our Testers

We’re also supported by a team of extremely dedicated Testers, who give what time they can just before a new version of Three Rings is released. They get to play with the new features before the updated version of the system goes ‘live’ for all our users and let us know of any problems or bugs that we’ve introduced.