Our Team

Three Rings is made by a not-for-profit company staffed and run by volunteers. We’ve all previously volunteered with organisations that are now benefiting from Three Rings ourselves, and we’re continuing to give our time to help those and other organisations benefit from the system we’ve built.

If you’d like to help us, please consider joining our team!

Meet our team

The ‘core’ team of Three Rings volunteers includes people who volunteer on our Board (often whilst doing other jobs for us as well!), and our Support and Development volunteers. They keep the company going, keep the system improving and make sure that all our users get the best use from Three Rings that they can. We don’t want them to be completely faceless, so here’s a little about each of them:

Our Testers

We’re also supported by a team of extremely dedicated Testers, who give what time they can just before a new version of Three Rings is released. They get to play with the new features before the updated version of the system goes ‘live’ for all our users and let us know of any problems or bugs that we’ve introduced.

They do a really valuable job to make Three Rings better for everyone, which is why we reward them with the Best Tester award.

Joining the team

We’re always pleased to welcome new volunteers onto the Three Rings team! It doesn’t matter where you are – we’ve got volunteers around the country! – or how much time you can give: whatever you can spare, there’s probably work that needs doing! We’re particularly interested in finding volunteers for the following posts:

  • Software developers [with experience developing in a web framework; ideally Ruby on Rails, but otherwise any similar language]
  • Support volunteers [should have a working knowledge of the Three Rings system and be able to offer clear explanations on how to achieve solutions]
  • Documentation team [Ideally experienced at using Admin-level features of Three Rings and able to write clear and concise explanations of how the system works]
  • Testers [Just need to be able to spare some time to try to use the new version of Three Rings as you would within your organisation. You’re not obliged to do so every single time a new release comes out!]

As a member of the Three Rings you get to attend our annual Christmas Meal, and any relevant staff development or training events which we run. More than that, you get to be a part of something bigger, which is connecting volunteers to good causes right around the world. It’s a great feeling – it’s kept us going for a decade! – so if you’re interested do let us know, and feel it for yourself!