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Why we don’t do business with big business (part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part blog post. The first part is here. As we saw last week, there’s lots of reasons why a business would want to take advantage of systems like Three Rings to manage their employees: there’s a huge business need…


  • Volunteer Directory

    Three Rings includes a Directory of all your volunteers, and allows you to control who can see what information about their colleagues, making it easier than ever for your organisation to comply with Data Protection legislation.

  • By Volunteers, for Volunteers

    When we set out to bring volunteers together, we started at home! Everyone at Three Rings gives their time for free, to make sure we can bring you high-quality, professional software without ruining your budget!

  • Secure File storage

    You can keep vital documents and policy information safe, as well as accessible, by placing them in the Filestore, where they’ll be protected by Three Rings multiple layers of security

  • Integrated Communications system

    Three Rings comes with a built in email system (and optional text message support), making it easy to keep all your volunteers in the loop and up to date!

  • Powerful Administrator Tools

    The Admin panel helps make Three Rings as flexible as possible. From here you can assign roles and permissions to volunteers, adjust localisation settings and make sure the system works and looks exactly the way you want it to.

  • Generates statistical reports

    Three Rings can automatically generate key statistical reports, letting you see at a glance who’s done what shifts, and how well your organisation is doing at fulfilling its commitment to run shifts as planned. You can customise the date ranges and view the reports online or export them as spreadsheets or PDFs!

  • Flexible Rota system

    Our powerful, flexible rota system lets you manage shifts and volunteers across as many rotas as you need. Three Rings allows rota managers to drag-and-drop volunteers in and out of shifts for ease of management, and can intelligently suggest which volunteers are best placed to plug gaps in the rota.

About Three Rings

Welcome to Three Rings! Here you can learn about what Three Rings can do, see some of the voluntary organisations benefiting from the system, and meet our team of volunteers.

What is Three Rings?

Three Rings is an online volunteer management system. We want to make it easy for volunteers to give their time and energy to the causes they care about without having to spend too much time worrying about the paperwork and administration.

The Three Rings system is produced by a team of volunteers working for Three Rings CIC, a not-for-profit company. We believe that great software doesn’t have to take money from a budget that could be better spent helping your organisation achieve its goals, so we keep our prices as low as we can. If you’re interested, you can see more about our values here (and if you’re very interested, you’re can learn more about joining our team of volunteers!)

Latest Version

The latest version of Three Rings, Milestone: Technetium, added new features including:

  • The ability to nominate a ‘primary’ organisation when using Individual Accounts
  • Tracked Shift Histories showing who signed up or pulled out, and when
  • The option to insert images from the Filestore directly into News items
  • Better editor & formatting for Wiki pages
  • Ability to view your organisation’s invoice history and status

See the full list of new features on our blog.

Who uses Three Rings?

Three Rings is an incredibly flexible system, designed to suit the way your organisation works without making you change any of your own processes. As a result, it’s used by a wide variety of voluntary organisations in the UK and around the world, including

  • Most of the Nightlines at UK universities
  • Over half of Samaritans branches in the UK
  • Community libraries
  • Religious helplines
  • Community centres
  • London Childline
  • Community shops and village stores

Basically, if you’re a voluntary or non-profit organisation, there’s a good chance that the features and tools in Three Rings that can help you!