Join the team

A photo of some of the Three Rings volunteers at their annual DCamp, 2023

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with Three Rings CIC is incredibly rewarding: we’re helping other people volunteer for amazing causes not only in the UK, but also around the world. And it’s a great way to build new skills.

Volunteering with us is flexible, too. We all work remotely, so you just need an Internet connection, and can work with us around whatever other commitments you have going on.

Here are some additional benefits:

Bev and Geoff doing some pair programming at one of our 3Camps
  • Invitation and plus one to our in-person annual Christmas party
  • Invitation to an annual in-person ‘3Camp’ for the team you volunteer with
  • Access to a dedicated training budget for our volunteers
  • Access to our hardware bursary (we want to make sure all our volunteers have the hardware they need to volunteer with us)
  • We’re happy to provide professional references
  • You get to be part of a team of lovely people who all have volunteering backgrounds!

Our volunteer teams

We currently have around 25 volunteers, spread across several different teams. Check out the ‘Meet the team‘ page to see who they are, or carry on reading to hear more about those teams.

Admin team

The Admin team deal with the running of the core “business” activity of Three Rings! Great chance to practice important business skills, and like the rest of the volunteering roles, we’re always happy to provide references for volunteers.

Welcome team

The Welcome team demos Three Rings to people who are interested. We arrange calls with people who get in touch with us, and show them around Three Rings and talk to them about what it is they need. Great for practising your presentation skills!

Support team

The Support team respond to emails reporting bugs and requesting new features in Three Rings. It’s a great way to practise problem-solving, in a supportive environment. It’s also looks great on your CV!

Documentation team

The Documentation team writes up instructions on how to use Three Rings, which go into a help guide for people using the software. The documentation team join the development team at the annual 3Camp. Great way to practise your technical writing skills!

Development team

The development team works on the Three Rings software. We will help you get Three Rings set up on your laptop, either remotely or at one of our Development meetups like the annual 3Camp, and then you can get stuck in on working on the software. Great way to practise development skills in a team!

Test team

Looking for a lower-commitment way to help make Three Rings better? Want to get a sneak preview of new Three Rings features before the rest of the world? Maybe you’d like to help test our new releases! You can get started volunteering with this role from within Three Rings itself:

Want to join us?

If you or your organisation has benefited from using Three Rings in the past, joining our team is a great way to both give something back, and make Three Rings even better! There’s no pressure or commitment, so if you’re curious but not sure, contact us anyway, and we’ll answer any questions you might have!