Our values

Our values are really important to us. They unite us as a team of volunteers, creating software for other volunteers.


We know you can’t take any chances with volunteer data, so we built Three Rings to be secure. None of your data is ever sent unencrypted. We make hourly backups of everything on Three Rings, and we have robust policies in place to stop unauthorised access to your account.


We’ve built Three Rings to be easy for everyone, even if they’ve barely used a computer before. If you do get stuck, our Support Team are just an email away – and we promise to reply within 24 hours, every single day of the year.


We believe trust is important – Three Rings helps to keep some of the UK’s biggest charities running, and every one of our clients deserves to know we’re doing our best for them. It’s very unusual for anything to go seriously wrong with Three Rings, but if it does, we’ll tell you – and explain what we’re doing to stop it happening again.


We’re passionate about volunteering – in fact we’re all volunteers ourselves. That means we put our users first, and when we develop new features for Three Rings, we make sure to do so based on how much help they can be for the organisations we support.

Like our values?

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