Milestone: Nakochna

Milestone: Nakochna is scheduled for release in February 2024. Significant changes are as follows:

πŸ“Š Changes to Rota Priority Ratings (formerly Heatmaps)

Following user feedback:

  • Heatmaps have been renamed Priority Ratings wherever this was displayed to users or admins.
  • The display of the priority value on the rota has changed to make it occupy less space, making for a more compact rota display.
  • Users were able to choose whether or not to display priority ratings on the rota: this choice can now be made their default, in the same way as for display of individual rotas.
  • Admins can now choose whether their organisation displays Lower and Medium priorities on the rota at all. This is selected in Admin > Features under Rota Priority Ratings.

πŸ˜‡ Clearer Support People rules

It’s now clearer to see what’s required of Support People (Admin > Support People), and Three Rings will now automatically remove volunteers from the Support Person list if they lose the necessary permissions.

πŸ”‘ Tools to add accounts (usernames) to volunteers without them

Sometimes volunteers don’t have accounts, e.g. because they opted to close their Three Rings account, but didn’t delete their volunteer profile, leaving it instead to be managed by the organisation where they volunteer. If such volunteers later change their mind and want their account reinstated, they would previously need to contact Three Rings support.

We’ve now streamlined this process: administrators at the organisation where they volunteer can now create new accounts for “accountless” volunteers using a button that appears at the top of the volunteers’ Directory page.

🎨 Themes easier to edit

We’ve improved the interface for Admin > Themes, including making it possible to delete themes that are in use and to delete logos from themes. This feeds into backend work that improves the performance of themes and makes theme previews faster and more-representative.

⭐ Directory Starchart performance

Rendering of “Starcharts” on Directory pages has been improved with faster performance (particularly for volunteers with more than three years of historical shifts). Also, total durations are now shown in hours and minutes, rather than fractional hours, for improved readability.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Shift API call now identifies the organisation that a shift comes from

Previously, the shift API did not identify the organisation that a shift comes from, which is important for shared rotas. We have now added the organisation name to the rota section of the JSON response.

πŸͺ³ Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

Various bugfixes and minor improvements, including:

  • Theme changes now take effect immediately for all affected users (caching issue solved)
  • Faster detection of “blocked” email addresses resulting from bounced emails: down to around 3-6 hours (previously up-to-24 hours)
  • Removed Admin > Localisation > Landing Page, which didn’t work consistently and caused confusion
  • Added a “room booking” event type
  • Better support for iCal/ICS exports to calendar software in the Europe/Dublin timezone (Γ‰ire)
  • Improved legibility of “locked” wikis in the wiki list
  • Stats > Volunteer Snapshot table is now sortable
  • Admin > System Log entries that reference volunteer names now do so by-reference, allowing those names to change with the volunteer’s name, and be anonymised when that volunteer’s account is purged (note: for now this only applies to future log entries, not those that existed at the time this change went into effect)
  • Fixed hyperlinks in PDFs generated from Stats reports
  • Volunteer ID and Slack Display name added to Properties

We’re remain endlessly thankful for people who get in touch to suggest improvements to Three Rings.